November 12th, 2008: First entry

Hey there. On wikipedia (, I’ve been giving updates on the latest happenings in free agency. Wikipedia gets ticked off when you post a blog so I try to not add my thoughts.

The AL and NL manager of the year will be announced today. Joe Maddon is expected to win the AL MOY for his turnaround from worst to first with the Tampa Bay Rays. Also, MY MAN, TIM LINCECUM WILL BE ON THE JIM ROME SHOW TODAY DURING THE SECOND HOUR! So if you read this be sure to listen!

I haven’t talked about this much, but the Jake Peavy trade rumors continue. The Padres have been talking about trading the ace starting pitcher for hmmmmmmm about two weeks now, I think. Yankees, Red Sox, and now the Atlanta Braves. I root for the Padres so I hope he does whatever is best for the team, which according to their record last year, he has not done. But the fans have been saying if they’re going to trade Peavy, do it now, so I guess I’m with the fans.

The American League Cy Young Award is announced tomorrow. The winner is expected to be 22 game winner Cliff Lee. Not only that the Silver Slugger award will be announced.